Friday, January 16, 2009

Learner Profiles and life

This evening I watched this 3 minute movie on Free flying . This behaviour amazes me in a number of ways. The first is the fearlessness that pushes these young men literally to the edge of life. The second is the confidence they have that they will be able to manage their body to make it do what they want, and thirdly, that they make it look so cool, so easy, and just wonderful that you want to try it yourself. (at the same time wondering why you don't have the guts to do that)

I also wonder - who were these kids in school? What was their favourite subject and did any of their teachers reach them - ever? How can school compete with the thrills they get from doing what they are doing in this film? I laughed when he said that the jumping as far from the wall was getting boring...right...maths must have been absolutely comatose inducing.

I did some learning on the PYP program today and this video reminded me of a number of the profiles, and I wonder if they were created with these young men in mind?

Risk taker comes to mind pretty quick, 
Inquirer also applies - how can I use this equipment to create a different rush? How and what can I modify and what will be the effect?
Reflective - "able to assess their strengths and limitations". This is a life and death reflection.
Open Minded - certainly open to new experiences and challenges
Thinkers - they exercise intiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively - not so sure about the reasoned decisions though.
Principled - Take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences - not much choice in this one really.
Knowledgeable - they need to know about physics, fabric, skiiing, kinesthetics, gravity....
Communicators - they understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively - someone had to come up with this idea, talk about it and persuade someone else  to do it with them.
Caring - I am sure they would care if something didn't go right. Maybe they fall down a bit in this area, this free flying is a purely selfish action.

So - do these young men fit the perfect IB Learner Profile???
Is it close?

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Angela said...

I think they could be considered 'caring' ion that they are blazing a trail for other enthusiasts, or at least challenging the way things have to be...and therefore, by implication, encouraging others to take risks in areas which appeal to them....after all...
'...some of the best human thinking comes about when people object to the majority view'
~ Jim Bright, Prof of Career Education and Dev'ment, ACU National; partner Bright and Assoc, Career Management Consultancy.