Saturday, January 3, 2009

A new year with a new blog....

After visiting Singapore in November and being inspired by the fabulous work going on there both in schools and personally professionally by a few notable TL's, I was encouraged, taunted, harassed by Katie Day to get more of an online presence - so here it is Katie - hope you will find it worthwhile to read now I am here!

I checked my blogs status - I have currently 6 blogs under my name at blogger - the first one started in 2003 - this was when it was a new thing - I checked it out, had a play, kept the blog, but couldn't really see any relevence to my or my students lives. I tried to incorporate it into a unit of work, but back then blogs were clumsy and not easy to work with - then along came xanga and it was then 'cool' to have a blog and it was the first truly social blogging experience for many teenagers. And blogs have grown from there.

Just yesterday I was encouraged to revisit twitter ( - which I had signed up for in May 2008, had a play and just couldn't see the relevance. But in just 24 hours of following a number of key people who are not only early adapters but are the movers and shakers I have been exposed to a number of applications that will enhance the learning experience for students. I am now an ardent twitter fan - just for the professional development it will offer me and hopefully I will be able to contribute as well.

It is funny how things like this happen - it was the same with wiki's - I signed up, but again one had to have a basic understanding of HTML to play and post to make it really funky looking. Now with wisiwyg - it is all too easy to incoporate a wiki into class learning.

The job now is to 'get it together" and have it accessible to draw upon to not only use it all but make sense of it all. I have started a Netvibes page which I really like as it has a public and a private page. The public page I am using for the school library as a collection point of all the excellent resources I am finding to support the curriculum, and the private page as a professional learning pool of applications, blog etc that I want to visit and play with later.

So this is the start of my journey of musings, learnings and stuff to share on my role as a teacher librarian professional - enjoy!


Sharon Brennan said...

Pleased you've revisited twitter. Now I suppose I have to get off my backside and start a professional blog. I just can't make the first step. After watching a Stephen Downes' presentation( )this morning (saw the link from Judy O'Connell on twitter) I am getting very close - he said it could be a way to keep your notes.

Cynthia said...
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Cynthia said...

Surprised you consider grits a non word. As a native Alabamian, I know 'grits' remain a staple of the southern U.S. often eaten for breakfast but now also served baked with garlic and cheese. When I saw your title Library Grits I smiled thinking ah, another displaced southern belle. For me grits are solid, stick to your ribs food - Library Grits solid, stick to your brain food? Dawn a/k/a Cynthia

Katie said...

Hey, Dianne, this is exactly what I wanted from you -- a public blog and a place I can always check what you're up to. Yes, Twitter is great, but I still like to know there's a bigger landing pad for people. I'm such a slow blogger -- and here you've already got several posts up since last Saturday. Keep going... so I can push myself to keep up with you.