Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Post today...

I was going to refrain from posting today, because apparently the less you blog the more comments you receive, and the more likelihood people will actually read what you have written because most people have a chance to catch up and then think about what you have said, and then want to comment on it. (See Will Richardson's comment)

BUT, today on my long commute home, I listened to a talk from the Sirsidynix Institute site by Stephen Abrams and Judith Siess called "Writing for the Library Profession" They had a couple of good quotes which I wish to share and you can enjoy them as well.

"Knowledge is infinite; Information is finite."

"Librarianship is a bottomless profession--anything is in our realm."

(This is particularly relevant to my day today where I had to wear many hats)

I highly recommend you subscribe to receive these fantastic sessions with amazing professionals, I am always inspired.

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