Saturday, January 31, 2009

Resistance is futile

I have just returned from a few days away to sort out family stuff in Australia. I had planned to have one day of 'Me' where I do some shopping, visit some friends, browse some books shops and generally enjoy the day. Alas, the family dramas encroached on the ME day, and I did not get to enjoy such a day. My biggest disappointment was not being able to visit the books stores - not so much to purchase, but just to see what was on offer and make lists for orders (and purchase on the spot if the need arose.. always need to keep that option open).

So, on my very last day in the very last minutes of my time in Australia, I happened upon a souvenir shop in the departure lounge that also sold books on the many facets of Australian culture, wildlife and history. Knowing our collection is very thin on indigenous cultures I browsed the titles they had on the Aboriginal people and managed to purchase 5 titles that will be a valuable addition to our collection. Feeling quite satisfied that I hadn't after all been deprived of book purchases, and rationalised that I had never seen these titles anywhere else and thus required immediate purchase, I then boarded the plane and returned home.

Is it a genetic peculiarity of school librarians that they exhibit such behaviour - I wonder if Richard Attenborough would be interested in studying the species and creating a documentary?

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KimY said...

Hi Dianne

I am enjoying reading your blog and I too have the Teacher-Librarian book browsing/purchasing gene! My family laughs at me because I regularly return home with books I've bought for the LRC when I should have been buying other things! (It's a shame I can't wear books because I'd have an extensive wardrobe!!)

I love browsing book shops, getting a bargain buy, tracking down an elusive title or buying a book as soon as it's been released so we can read it asap at school!

I hope your newly acquired books are much appreciated in your LRC

Kim :)