Thursday, January 15, 2009

The to do list

I have a to do list everyday. Every morning in the car I think about what needs to be done on the way to work. I have my iphone sitting next to me on voice record, and I dictate notes to myself. On the train I add to my list of 'to do's' after listening to my dictation, and prioritise.

I eventually get to work, place the carefully prepared to do list on the desk, open my email and find something else that needs to be added to the to do list which requires an even higher priority, and so the day escalates - problems that need sorting, classes to attend to that were not scheduled, children who need something right now, helping a colleague resource something that needs to be done right now, troubleshooting a database problem, taking a call from a parent who would like a suggestion on what books her child could read, filling the photocopier up, checking for lost resources, removing old records from the system that need to be done right now or I will forget, calling the facilities manager regarding a dangerous facility, taking a call from a vendor, taking a call from the accounts dept - please find the receipt / invoice for this order as there is a problem, write letters to children who are leaving to remind them to return the resources, make sure the parent helpers are looked after ..... the to do list is not looked at again for the rest of the day.

The to do list is getting longer and the priorities keep changing.

It is an interesting business this, being a teacher librarian.

"Librarianship is a bottomless profession--anything is in our realm."

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