Saturday, February 21, 2009

Every book you read becomes a part of you

This month we are celebrating Library Lovers month, and as part of this celebration we had all the staff tell us what their favourite read or book was from either their youth or as an adult. We created love hearts, had their photos and name placed on the love heart and also printed off the cover of the book they chose. We stuck all these things on to a noticeboard and placed the favoured books (that we had) on display ready for borrowing.

First off, the students demanded they had a board as well and wanted to share their favourite reads, so we set one up for them.

Every student who walks into the library wants to see what their favourite teachers have as their favourite books. The staff also are interested in what the other staff and students chose. The books we had on display have left the library like hotcakes as the students want to read the staff's favourite reads, and are excited to try what their peers have also enjoyed.

By revealing your favourite book do you reveal a little more about yourself, who you are, where your interests lie? Do books really have that much power? Is it really that personal? Are your reading preferences a reflection of what makes you, you?
It has been an interesting exercise to observe and ponder!


C Fraser said...

We did something similar at school. We created posters featuring teachers, administration and staff members actively reading their favorite books and placed them strategically all over the school. It was a tremendous success.

Another event we tried that worked well was students read books and wrote a mini book review that they printed onto a bookmark with illustrations. The bookmarks were on display in the library.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is terrific!

Here is the url to the blog from the Archives of the Sandusky Library if you would like to take a look: