Saturday, February 28, 2009

The road is long and the load is heavy....

This picture was shared with me by Chris Smith of Shambles fame He had used it in a conference he presented at in Second Life, describing the image as a metaphor of the school librarian and their assistant. The school Librarian pushing the heavy load as best they can, (needing much more power and influence than they actually have to get the job done properly) with the assistant working hard to make sure it doesn't all topple over.

It is pretty much how my weeks seem to go, and I am not sure how any school library can function without assistants. I am lucky to have two who enjoy their work and are good at it, they always know where things are when I put them back in the wrong place. They have the task of being on the frontline with the students, the teachers and, on the phone when parents call. They have the job of ensuring all the resources are catalogued correctly and they are back on the shelves as soon as they are able. They keep track of my spending, and make sure I get my refund cheques. They look after the book club, chasing up orders, liaising with the company, the parents and the students. They assist with library supervision at recess, lunch and after school and they question me on my hair brained-ideas to make sure I have really thought them through.

They have over the past 6 months, catalogued over 9,000 items, and do not complain when I dump more newly found resources on them.

I am so glad to have assistants so my load does not topple over.


Amy said...

This is a wonderful reminder of our helpers and the job they do. I am a brand new school librarian and my assistant is also new. We are having so much fun learning as we go. She is extreemly helpful and now knows our OPAC better than I do!

Mrs. C. said...

Oh how I wish I had an assistant to share the load...some days it just seems too much. Value you them ladies, you never know when you will go back to being a one-person band!