Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breaking the mold

This past week I had the privilege and pleasure to accompany a year group to camp. It was a lot of fun, and the young people were challenged everyday in activities such as gorging, abseiling, kayaking, surf skiing, orienteering and sleeping in tents plus much more. As a younger person, outdoor adventure was one of my weekend pursuits, and I relished the opportunity to partake once more.

I was able to get to know the students on a much more personal level, and they were able to see me in a different environment as well. I really think as a teacher librarian one can become stereotyped as the lady in the library who just knows about books and computers.

By participating in camp this week the students now know I have a sense of humour, that I can be empathetic, and that I am able to abseil, kayak and gorge along with the best of them - much to their surprise. One even expressed their surprise as I beat one of the male teachers on one of the more challenging section of the trail - they of course did not intend for me to hear their comments!

These outdoor experiences are not only good for the students and their own learning - but great for the teacher student relationships. I am really happy that in the first year of the school being in operation that I have been able to set a precedent of going on camp - so that in years to come, the Teacher Librarian will be included in future camps.

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