Monday, April 27, 2009

Learning out of the box

Returned from a wonderful 6 day trip to the Phillippine Island of Negros, where my teenage sons and I continued to be learners by achieving our PADI open Water Dive certification. A fun time was had by all, but more importantly throughout this trip my boys learned so much about this world we live in just by experiencing life in a different place for a few days. No one had to 'teach' them, maybe explanations had to made sometimes when questions were asked, but they learned by living and some of those things were life influencing....

They learnt about the frailty of the seas and oceans and saw first hand the damage that over and careless fishing can do to the oceans and the life contained within.

They learned that some corals take over 200 years to grow, and through inconsiderate behaviour or ignorance, these can be destroyed very quickly.

They learned that rubbish does not belong in the sea - and took it upon themselves to clean up the house reef we were diving on.

They learned that there is an amazing array of different types of sea life in such a small area, and, some are dangerous. They learned to recognise the dangerous, and had fun with the curious.

They learned there are many and varied employment opportunities for people holding the PADI certification they were working toward.

They learned that the environment is exploited in so many ways, and that corruption plays a large part in this destruction.

They learned that traffic 'rules' are different in different places, and the regard for human life and safety can be vastly different only a few hours flight away.

They learned that being without electronic gadgets is not only doable, but can be enjoyable, and, a supply of good books is just the thing to pass away the time.

They learned about human and child trafficking from the posters in the airport, and were somewhat surprised that something like this occurs in the world.

They learned what it used to be like when you walked on a tarmac to board a plane - one of the highlights of the trip!

I am sure they learned so much more than these few points, but these were the ones which were apparent and I was privileged to be a part of. Traveling to a new country, culture and environment is a life changing experience, I am thankful to have had a number of opportunities with my children to do this over the years.

Don't let school get in the way of a good education!

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