Sunday, May 10, 2009

Planning ahead

After a frantic year of setting up a new library from scratch my thoughts are turning toward increasing collaboration with the other teachers on units of inquiry to integrate information literacy in a meaningful and interesting way into the curriculum. This is next years goal. I am in a 1-9 school and need to be able to help and work with all teachers and classes some time in the year and manage the library and resource room with 3.5 assistants holding the helm when required.

Yesterday our teaching staff had a planning day to reflect on the units they taught over the past year and make decisions on whether to keep them, refine them, or to discard them according to a criteria based on PYP principles. This was a good time to be a part of the discussion, and have some input into what I saw happened through the year and to offer suggestions for refinement and improvement for the units.

After the completion of this exercise, the teams had to decide when they would teach the units and for how long and what resources they would use. Each of the areas of inquiry were given different coloured paper for the title of the unit to be written on and stuck on a noticeboard. This allowed for a visual representation of the key areas so the specialist teachers could see where they could also fit in.

After all the units were up, I was able to identify which units from each year group may best lend themselves to a information literacy focus. I was able to select one from each year group at different times of the year and pencil in that I wanted to work with that year group for that particular unit. With some discussion from the teams I had a seed of an idea of the approach, and will continue discussion and collaboration in the new year.

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This overview will also allow me to plan for the resources that are required to support these units of inquiry.

I then had to go to the MYP planning meeting and meet with the teams there, and figure out how I could support them - one unit has been identified in the English Humanities stream for each year level, and even the Music team felt I could contribute to a unit they were working on.

I really want to be a part of the teaching of students across the school, and this is the beginning of the type of Teacher Librarian role I want to be participating in with collaboration and being an integral part of what happens in the classroom. I am just really concerned that I will be spread too thin and that I will not be able to do all that I want to the level of my own expectations. On the other hand, if I do my best and the contribution is valued, I may get more staff to help in this role. One can only work toward the positive.

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Richel said...

It is really good to plan a head to set things in place and to have time to everything that you want to do and to lessen problems that may occur