Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hit the ground running...

Week one is done and dusted, and this what happened :-

I attended the first School Leadership team meeting with the Principals, PYP, MYP co-ordinators and the Digital Literacy Co-ordinator.

Attended my first planning meeting with year six teachers and scheduled in the first teaching with this year group on how to use our new OPAC, so they can find the resources they need for their first unit of inquiry.

I became the social committee co-ordinator to set up the social committee for this coming year and to co-ordinate our first event next Friday.

The borrowing times for the PYP classes have been selected and trialled, we think it will work out. Some secondary classes also want a booked time to come to the library for borrowing, we will see how this goes.

Our first batch of volunteers turned up and the volunteer hours have been logged - over 40 hours already in the first week.

And, the students were excited about being back at school and coming to the library to see all the new resources and display. That was the highlight!

It sure was a better start to the school year than last year!
Fresh Baked Library
At least we had computers up and running!

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