Sunday, August 16, 2009

Start of a new year

Well the holidays are over and the next academic year starts on Monday. I am not feeling ready, but it will have to do. There is so much to work with this year and so many opportunities to further embed the library into the school culture, some of the things we are doing to move forward in this direction ;

* The OPAC is now online and accessible from anywhere at anytime
* The library is now overseeing all orders for text material going out and arriving into the school (we have extra staff for this) to co-ordinate the spending and to take some of the heat and admin duties from the teachers.
* The library is overseeing the resource room as well (again we have more staff) to make sure everything is streamlined and the resources in the school are accounted for and managed well.
* We will be purchasing a number of online databases and training for all staff and students will be undertaken through their units of inquiry. Parents will have the opportunity to attend training as well.
* We have an online booking system to ensure everyone is able to access the library
* The library has become the only place for printing for students (has good and bad points on this one) and we have another printer / photocopier for staff use only.
* Essential agreements will be formulated
* The units of inquiry I will be working with have been planned and timetabled in, and I have been involved in planning meetings with the secondary english/ humanities team.
* We will have a whole school reading scheme running sometime in the year.
* I have been asked to be part of the school leadership team, meeting with the executive and discussing important issues regarding the school and curriculum. Need to make sure I schedule in the meetings so I don't miss one!

All systems are go - it is happening - ready or not!

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Anonymous said...


I am a brand new Teacher Librarian starting my first year in the library in a couple of days.

I work in a bilingual (French & English) elementary school in Toronto, Canada and I cannot thank you enough for your blog.

I am replacing a former Teacher Librarian who had worked in the library for 9 years and let the library run fallow.

There was a flood in the school last month that decimated the picture book section.

I have received no training.

To make a long story (slightly) shorter, I have been very very nervous about the start of this school year.

THANK YOU for your very helpful blog: I have bookmarked it and already found it very useful.