Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reflections on a busy week

This week was very big, here are a few of my reflections on what I learned and thought about.

Flexible scheduling allows for real time just in time learning. Had a teacher call me and ask how to do the bibliography thing - I told her i would be there in 3 minutes to help out - to maintain the standards across the school. I went in did a 15 min lesson to year 6 and at the end they were all able to create bibliographies using Have decided that the objective is to include a bibliography and if we can make the process easier through the use of an excellent tool - then it will probably result in more bibliographies being written.

Information Literacy was moved further up the priority list in our Secondary school after a Head of Department came in to tell me that at a meeting with other heads that the general consensus is that the students doing the extended essay did not have the skills to create a good question or a good format ... sure helps when someone is pushing the cart up the hill as well.

Going to conferences
is a really good thing to do. I attended the 21C Learning in HK this weekend, not only did I meet some great people, I learned so much and was inspired by so many who are passionate about changing the face of education. I also participated in two panel discussions - one on Second Life uses for Education which was interesting and lively - one participant said they left the conference after this as it completely blew their mind.

The other panel was "School Libraries after Google" where we explored the direction of school libraries into the 21C. The facilitator was a Principal who was not quite sure before the discussion about the importance of teacher librarians in a school. He made a comment after the panel that he was converted. It will be a slow but steady process one Principal at a time.

One of the presenters (Warren Apel) at the conference used Prezi which is a presentation tool that I have tried a few times to master even after watching the tutorials, but, after actually seeing it in action I was highly motivated to learn it. So after the conference when everyone had left I took advantage of the quiet and spent over an hour learning the basics. Then again this evening I spent another hour polishing the presentation which is here:
Link to the real version is here Hoping to embed it as an online reminder tutorial for the students after we have gone through the lesson.

Warren also explored Data Literacy which I think was the highlight of my week - you can see his blog post here to find out what he covered Warren Apel Blog entry Fantastic stuff on how boring data can come alive with interactive graph creation tools!

Katie Day and Beth Gourley also presented an interesting and thought provoking discussion starter on "Harnessing digital content for the library and learning" you can see the wiki they created on this topic here Digital Gist Have a look and a think ...

That is about it for the week ... lots of learning and thinking, and I look forward to sharing what I learned in school tomorrow.


pru said...

Wow - definitely a huge week, and you still found the energy to post your reflections.
Thanks for the heads up on Warren's data literacy session. I agree this is really important, but many of us will need some hand-holding to get started in this area.
Well done with prezi - also on my to-do list, but luckily we have an inhouse mentor to run to.

Marita Thomson said...

Yes - Wow! Haven't followed up on all links as yet but just love you bibliography Prezi. Nice, short, clear and to the point. Good one!

Gina Geoghegan said...

Fantasic bibliography presentation using prezi. I was playing with it last week but didn't get very far. What you have created looks terrific.