Monday, October 19, 2009

Collaboration in the corridor

Last week I received an email regarding a unit of work coming up and questions as to how I could help with regard to helping the students formulate great research questions and finding the information they need. I could have just emailed back and told her, or asked questions for her to answer, I could have just phoned and asked about it, but this would all have taken much longer than speaking to the teacher and working out a plan face to face.

Neither the teacher or I had any time to meet formally before the half term break, but it was urgent to nut out what she required and to come up with a plan for immediately after the break. I grabbed my desk diary and a pen, and met with her as she was walking to Learning Advisory class (roll call) on the way we discussed what prompted her email, what she required and how I could help. In the 10 minutes or so we took to arrive and to stand in the corridor (there was another teacher able to take the class), I had taken notes, written a draft plan of the requirements and briefly outlined what we could achieve and how long it would take. I would get back to her with a more concrete draft on where we would go and we would work on it over the break via email.

If I had not taken the initiative to walk with the teacher concerned at that very moment, I may have lost the chance to work with her as we would have just got too busy. I am now working on the plan for this class and we will continue to communicate over the one week holiday to be ready for the first week back. Moral : - Walking and planning in the corridors can be a very productive use of time!

For this unit I wanted to develop something that was an interactive and interesting scaffold to help them through the research processes. I explored a number of options and gave Glogster a go trying it out to make something interesting for the students to work through and with. Part of the assessment is to make a 6 page webpage and am wondering if they can use Glogster for this - I certainly found it interesting, easy and fun to use.

This is my initial couple of Information literacy Glogster interactive posters - still being tweeked Awesome RQs and Finding Info I have only used a small part of the Glogster capabilities, but I think it will do the trick for this unit.

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Amy said...

Many of my collaborations with teachers happen in this way. (A bump in the hallway, chit chat at the "sign in" desk, waiting for the bathroom to open.) I have a wonderful planning sheet that I do use during collaborative meetings, but most of the time the initial idea came from one of those impromptu conversations.