Monday, October 26, 2009

Epiphanies all round today...

Today I had to scramble quickly to retrieve my goods and chattels from my Geocities site before it was sucked into the cyberspace equivalent of a blackhole.

In doing this I had an epiphany - well a few actually.

First epiphany - I am an early adopter of technology. I had my first website in 1999 - 10 years ago, and I had to know html to create a special look for it. Not sure why it took me so long to realise I was an early adopter - I mean we had our first Apple Mac in 1987 (22 years ago - and we did NOT buy shares ;-0) but there you go - I am a slow realiser of what I am doing.

Second Epiphany - I had the pleasure to read some of my old assignments from my M.App.Sc. Course written in 1999 - 2001 that I moved from my Geocities site. Some of the titles include "Managing Websites as resources" and "Appropriate Recreational Use of the Internet in the School Setting". The epiphany is that the problems still exist and people are still struggling with the management of online resources and acceptable use of the internet in school and they are still the same problems. Why after 10 years haven't they been solved?

The third epiphany - I reread my assignment entitled "The Dynamic and Unique Role of the Teacher Librarian" and realised why I am so tired at the end of the work day! The essay is a bit political in that the task was to differentiate between the TL, the School Librarian and the classroom/subject teacher roles, but if you want to have read - it is here The Dynamic and Unique Role of the Teacher Librarian It is pretty comprehensive and long. I am about to lobby for another TL to support the school and students, and I think this may be useful to isolate the different roles I undertake without having to rethink to much to place into a proposal for submission.

Fourth Epiphany? Uni assignments can be useful after all!

(if you want to read the other articles they can be found off this page - it is a bit of mess right now as I literally just dumped it all there in the shortest time)

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Helen said...

I am enjoying reading your blogs. I feel that I should let you know that I'm a reader. There must be lots of us out there and it's nice to have someone comment on your blog.
I notice you say that you need another TL, I'm 'just a Library Technician', but I thought that perhaps a tech could be an excellent support to you given the chance. Some of us teach as well as manage libraries.