Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A weekend of Professional Development - giving and taking

Have just had a very full weekend of professional development, both in school and externally. It has been a weekend of thinking, ruminating, contemplating, applying, synthesising and exhaustion.

The first day was our teacher of individual needs helping us to learn about differentiation, and giving us strategies to help those who English is not their mother tongue to have rich learning experiences.

The second day I had the opportunity to run a couple of workshops on "Library services : Beyond the Books" where I helped the staff to learn how to use the OPAC, the databases, the online resources and some of the special features of Google. I used Glogs, etherpad, wallwisher, netvibes and a wiki to extend the learning. The staff were excited about these new tools and the possibilities of creating something wonderful and meaningful for their lessons. One of the teachers said "Wow, you are really good with all this sort of stuff, I will be coming to see you another time". It has probably created more work, but it will be meaningful work - not busy work.

On Monday I had the opportunity to attend a Ross Todd seminar on Guided Inquiry. This was just great, and even better was that the PYP, MYP, And Deputy Principal of my school came along and also thought it was great, so now we are all on the same page with regard to where we need to be heading and possible ways of getting there, and hopefully, we will be able to take what we learned and move forward to create "rich learning experiences" for our students across the school.

Overall a great weekend of learning and sharing, now the challenge is to transfer it into action amongst all the other jobs and commitments one has ... it just needs to become a high priority.

Now off to a 4 day camp with year 6 ... more advocacy ...

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