Sunday, December 6, 2009

Importance of reading professional journals...

Just a quick post today about one little incident that happened in the week. I received my most recent copy of "Teacher librarian" a professional journal for those in the field.

I love this journal as it is so practical for Teacher Librarians and has great discussion and information enclosed. One of the articles this edition was about using technology to teach using graphic novels and creating comics as a form of presentation. This was extremely timely as the next unit for our Year 9 Humanities / English will be to study the Holocaust through literature and then create a comic or short graphic novel to demonstrate learning, (along the lines of Maus concept) but the whole concept could be extended to other subjects. I needed to focus on just one department for now.

This article was part 2, so I tracked down part 1, photocopied and created a digital copy of both articles, and passed it onto the teachers concerned - including the Digital Literacies co-ordinator. They were impressed at the quality of the article and have asked to look at the complete journal as well, not only for this issue - but all subsequent issues.

I was also able to extract from the article the extensive number of links to digital graphic novels and comics to add to my growing list of digital books the students can access. Audio/E Books Tab

So from only one article I was able to help another department, inspire them to read a TL journal for their own professional development, and to add to the collection. For these three reasons alone, I am glad I subscribed.

The TL Journal is now trialling an online version where you can have access to back issues, currently it is a free trial for 30 days. I stopped subscribing to this journal due to not working in the field for a few years, I am glad I have been able to resubscribe - I really missed it.

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librarylady said...

You really show the benefits of reading professional journals. I am always amazed at how just one article can enhance an individuals performance level and the functionality of the library. There are so many great materials and ideas to utilize.