Friday, January 1, 2010

Marketing the possibilities

In my New Years desk clean up today, I found a hard copy of something I created about a year ago when I had been in my current job about 6 months and wanted to increase the profile of what I could offer as a Teacher Librarian beyond the books and resources.

It took a little while to create - not so much the artistic side but getting the wording right and figuring out what I can and could be contributing to the school with regards to collaborative planning and improving information literacy and learning.

I was a bit shy about it, only gave it to the Team Leaders and a few others with a brief introduction to the role that I would like to play in the school, I only printed off about 12, and was a bit nervous about the reception as I really didn't know the staff very well.

This is what it was ....(click on it to make it larger)

I didn't get an immediate response directly to this marketing campaign, probably because everyone was extremely busy setting up a new school and all that goes with that. But, looking back on the year that has passed and what has been achieved with regard to what I am now doing and how I am involved in the school in collaborative planning, mentoring, coaching, teaching, policy development - in fact everything that was in that marketing brochure plus more, I am well pleased with the progress made beyond the books and resources.

Looking in my calendar to the new term, just in the first week I am booked for a professional development workshop with staff and 7 classes teaching different tools from online encyclopedias, databases and web 2.0 tools from year 3 through to year 9.

I am rarely asked now to 'get together resources' for a unit of inquiry (which I would cringe at every time), I am more likely to be asked when I am free so that I can help the students find their own resources for their units using the OPAC and online databases.

Life is busy, I made it so through marketing of the possibilities I can offer to contribute to the learning going on in the school (starting with this little brochure), and, I would not have it any other way!

Have a great New Year!


Karen Lindsay said...

A colleague posted this to the BCTLA list serve. What a delight to read of the success of your approach. I believe that our best advocacy is to do our job well and to self-promote without embarrassment. The beauty of it for me is that we don't do so for self-aggrandizement, but because it is good for our students and for the school's culture. When we win, everyone wins. Here's to a collaborative, thoughtful, productive 2010.

Cara said...

hi dianne,
I have been following your blog for a few months now and always find your posts interesting and thought provoking. I have recently accquired a position as a teacher librarian in a secondary school. I am looking forward to this and will be checking back on your blog for guidance. tonight I have found your Glog on Risk taking in the library and would just like to query you on the copyright of the text? is it possible to have a copy of it to incorporate into a display in my library?
I look forward to hearing from you. you can email me at
thanks, Cara

Beth said...

Great list for what the librarian can do for you.