Saturday, March 13, 2010

A full and busy week

This week was extremely busy with professional development, author visits, meetings with key people for development of the library, social event planning and of course working with students. This post is a reflection on a few of these events....

Last blog post I mentioned that I had been keeping tabs on where my days go in terms of the type of activity I am involved in. I passed the two pieces of documentation to my line manager for his interest. His comment was - "WOW, you really cover all the bases, and you are working with so many staff and then to add the students on top of that. You are really proactive in what you are doing." So, I submitted for some more funding for library development and it is being seriously considered, and, I am definitely continuing with the activity logs if it has such an effect.

I took 7 students to see Derek Landy as part of the HK Literary Festival. These were die hard Skulduggery fans, and I really enjoyed taking such a small group out. I chose not to take an entire year group out for a number of reasons and just advertised a few spaces for voluntary participation. With such a small group the students were able to spend some time after the talk with Derek as we didn't have to rush off for buses etc and it was all very manageable and personable. The student reviews were "That was so great", "He is so funny", "This school is great for taking such a small group of us to see him, my last school would not have done that". I was also quite impressed with one of the students who video recorded the entire talk on her iphone - integratng technology into her everyday life! So, although we took alot of time out of school, it was a fabulous and memorable event for the seven students who went.

I also had a full day out of school learning about moodle and what is possible. I now have another self training schedule to undergo to get myself up to speed!

Next week we have a professional story teller coming in to support year 1 and 4 units of inquiry on Monday, Tuesday I take 17 students to see Darren Shan and then head off for camp with year 8's! My role is certainly diverse, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


sarahelliott said...

It sounds like you are so busy in such a positive sense. It must be great to be in such an active learning environment. Having the budget to facilitate these things and also living in a diverse and exciting community seems to afford you with so many opportunities.

Dianne said...

Hi Sarah,
A decent budget and a diverse and exciting community does help in affording opportunities, but the major factor in allowing the opportunities is an extremely supportive principal and executive, without which I would not have access to so many opportunities.
Thanks for your comment.

sarahelliott said...

Hi Dianne,

I totally agree about needing a supportive principal. I have worked hard over the past year to gain the support of my management team. Their understanding of what is a teacher librarian and what a TL can do for a school has been transformed, and my once uncertain role in school has become an integral part of our school community. The hard work has certainly paid off, I am free to basically do as I wish because my principal believes in me and knows that my actions are always focused on improving student-centred learning. However, I am constrained by a very tight budget and lack of support staff, which makes life difficult. But, if I didn't have the support of my principal, it would be even more difficult! :-)