Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning all the time

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Just a quick post on how my journey as a learner continues.

We are going through the processes of the year 6's creating an exhibition as a culmination of their learning in their unit on organisations. Part of this process is for the staff and students involved to learn how to use Moodle and diigo, both of which will be rolled out as our intranet and data collection tools next year across the whole school. This process has confirmed to me that there is nothing like an authentic learning experience and requirement to really drive learning, particularly mine. This is especially true when I am supposed to be a mentor for the teachers who are mentors for the students. I am supposed to be ahead of the game on how to use these tools. I am also going into the classrooms as an extra pair of hands to help the students with any problems they may have, and we end up exploring and learning together as we try to find the best use of the tools.

All great stuff as it gives me a chance to model how learning occurs even in adults and by working together to solve a problem, we can all learn better.

It has been a productive week of learning.


Richard said...

Hi Dianne,

I noticed you were a fan of LibraryThing and I thought I'd contact you about a article I've recently put together about cataloging software I'd like to call: The Ultimate Guide to Cataloging Software.

Could you take a gander when you get the chance, maybe give me a plug if you like it;)



Anonymous said...

Hi Dianne, I just wanted to comment on how great I think it is that you are reflecting on the many components of being a teacher librarian. I am getting my endorsement now and feel like you do when it comes to the huge amount of technology that we are supposed to be the "experts" on. I am 23 and considered a "Digital Native" but I still feel overloaded by the amount of resources available. Thank you for your insights and I loved your Prezi on Copyright laws!

Thanks, Jess