Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Annual report time

It has been almost a month since I posted - the end of the school year gets so busy, busy, busy!

I have a couple of things to share but will do them one post at a time over a few days - the first one - the annual report for my school library which was completed early June but I did not get a chance to post it.

Last year I did an annual report for the first time and posted about the impact it had and 10 reasons why you should do one. See here for that post - Annual Report 1

This year I watched in awe Buffy Hamilton's annual report - and was inspired, but knew I just did not have the time left in the year to compile such a whiz bang digital report. Buffy's written report is here, and her digital animoto report is here. . I did have a look through the written report and gleaned a few ideas of how I could improve my report from last year.

I also love the site report that was developed by Amy King at Medford Junior Library.

I also read Joyce Valenza's annual report for Springfield Township High School and again, incorporated some of her inclusions into the report I created.

Our report was created using pages on the mac then loaded onto issuu to give a magazine style feel. The link is here - Discovery College Annual Report

Already I have seen an impact that will benefit the library and decisions I can make next year. The school had some extra money that hadn't been spent at the end of the year - it was allocated to the library thus increasing our funding for the year by 10% (not included in the budgeting statistics). Our electronic databases are here to stay, and will be given blessings to increase in number to cater for our growing school and different curriculum needs. All because I was able to produce the statistics to show they were being used often and well.

So if you are still thinking about doing an annual report I suggest you do it, even if the year is ended - what a great way to start the year! Over the holidays I am going to give making an electronic version a go as we will be opening the year with a new 40" display monitor in the library and having a reflection on last year will be a great start to our digital display.

2011 Annual Report is here


Sharon Brennan said...

Great work as usual Di. Love the stats for individual class borrowings.

Fran Bullington said...

What a thorough report documenting the importance of your program! Your post last year was one of the reasons I created my first annual report this year. I want to thank you for the nudge, because creating an annual report is SUCH a learning experience! Although I "know" my program and collection, analyzing the data and presenting it in one document gives me a much clearer picture and helped me create goals for next year.

Dianne said...

Hi Fran,
The experience is always one of reflection and learning for me.

A couple of points from this report that were important for me were:
We actually did not spend a whole lot on databases - so I feel OK spending more next year to expand these services.

The databases got used and used pretty well for our first year. This has given me permission to expand the service by the principal. Always a bonus!

The class borrowings to me showed some problems - some teachers were really promoting reading through the year, some classes had high borrowing rates because of this, but I do think some students in classes were reading under their ability level. (needing to borrow 6-10 books a week in year tells me this) so next year we will be on the look out for these signs.

The secondary school has small classes - between 15 - 18 students and they read longer books, and have less time to read, so their borrowing is low.

Next year I would like to do a survey on library services and collection amongst staff and students to gauge where we could improve.