Thursday, July 29, 2010

A new role, new responsibilities

With reshuffling going in the library this year and new staff coming in to lift the load somewhat, I have put my hand up and been accepted as the MYP Personal Project Co-ordinator. I sort of had an understanding of what was required but I am person who needs to know stuff, and lots of it before leaping into anything huge that involves other people and puts my reputation on the line, so, I did some research, found a lot of different resources, spent a number of hours thinking and putting pieces together. I learned how to use dropbox and have the many resources stored there for easy retrieval, and also used diigo for those resources that were web based (there is a way to link the two, but I have not found it yet).

I then put my thoughts into words and colours and came up with the following document using pages that will help me to plan, collaborate and move forward. MYP PP Co-ordinator role.

I am a visual learner and colours are important, hence the colour coding and I like checkboxes to keep me on track. I discovered crocodoc from twitter and really like the way you can leave notes, scribble and add text to the document without affecting the original. I also used crocodoc to organise the library borrowing slots this year - I just placed the blank PDF timetable on crocodoc and the teachers filled in their preferred times.

The MYP PP co-ordinator role document will be looked at by our MYP Co-ordinator and Principal of Secondary to see if it needs modification as we prepare our first group to undergo the personal project. If you think or know of anything else that should be there - please add a comment or text, I would appreciate the input.

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