Saturday, August 14, 2010

Making plans for the new year

Next Monday is the start of the new term and year at our school.
I do like the new year - it is time for a fresh start and time to look at what we wanted to achieve last year, revisit those things that did not get accomplished and look if we can improve on what we did achieve, and then create a new road map for the new year with new priorities and ideas.

Out of a staff of five in the library, we have one new assistant and a new Teacher Librarian for the PYP, so one of the big priorities will be training and familiarisation with the peculiarities of our environment, and of course learning to work together as team - figuring out strengths, weaknesses and professional development for all. I will also have to remember that I now have another TL to pass ideas across and discuss options with, it will be a learning curve for everyone!

In management of the library this year will be a consolidation of all the systems we have set up previously, so we can move forward with enhancements and refinements. I have a long list of items that need attention - most involve integrated access of digital resources with the introduction this year of Moodle as a cross school learning platform, integrating databases with the OPAC, redesigning the library website, enhancing the OPAC with digital resources, and finally to clean the catalogue up after a comprehensive stocktake plus so much more!

With regard to curriculum support I will be able to focus on the Secondary programme and collaborate with the staff and students from all the curriculum areas helping to embed information and digital literacies across the curriculum and be more effective in meeting their needs. The primary programme will also have more support, so hopefully everyone in the school will also be happy and learn so much more!

Last year I created a mindomo mind map, printed it out and put it on the wall of the office where everyone could see it. It was very large and comprehensive, and served as a reminder of where we were going and what our priorities were for the different areas.
I think I will do the same again as it was so effective to keep us on track - next post I will post the updated plans.


MrsE said...

This is a wonderful overview Dianne and I'm passing it on to a brand new teacher librarian I know by way of inspiration.

Siobhan said...

Thanks for sharing, Dianne. I love the mind map - what a great way to keep track of your year's goals.

Tara said...

I love the mindmap! Plenty of inspiration there--thanks for sharing.