Sunday, August 22, 2010

Managing the team

It was the first two weeks back for the students after a long summer holiday, and the first week of learning. It is always a crazy week for us, but you just get on with it and do as much as possible in between the interactions and interruptions.

I managed to update the yearly plan for the library (this is mainly concerned with the library rather than curriculum support) and gave the draft to the library team - comments were "Oh this is so horrible - too much to do!" and the new TL who hasn't been a TL before expressed "I knew that alot was going on - but to see it like this really brings it home how much work is done behind the scenes to make it all work"

You can see it here on a mindomo map - there are many similarities to last years plan as we are still working on some of the developments.

Now that I am the manager for a team of five, I am concerned about managing well and ensuring that everyone feels part of a team and that goals are achieved, and, my management style brings out the best in people. I listened to Ulla de Stricker podcast from The SirsiDynix Institute on "Workplace Culture, Building positive and productive staff relations". Ulla made a number of points about effective management styles specifically related to libraries.

Some of the questions that resonated with me were :

"How can I foster an environment where the team members look forward to coming to work every day?

What can I do to make everyone feel …

She offers some excellent actions to achieve the above four points which I will be working with the team. Ulla also emphasises constant analysis and communication by the manager on how well we are achieving the four points.

She also outlines what matters to the team members which are .....

•Feeling understood and cared about
•Being recognized for what I do
•Feeling safe & knowing help is available if I need it
•Being at ease with co-workers
•Having fun

I recommend anyone who is in a team leader role in or outside of libraries to listen or read Ulla de Stricklands presentation available through the links I have provided through this post. It is well worth the time.

The podcast is available through iTunes on the Syrsidynix Institute's channel along with some other excellent podcasts from library professionals.

The slideshow to accompany the podcast is available here

and the written document is available for download here


Staceyt said...

Love the minomo map, lucky you don't have to do all of it in one day. I might boogle some minds if I showed them this at work.

Dianne said...

Thanks Stacey - it does really put it all out there - and helps to justify why we have 'so many staff' which some people seem to think is excessive - but after that plan is in the public domain, the doubters tend to be silenced! (probably rightfully suspecting that if they voiced their concerns I would get them to help out!)