Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The role is too big!

I have spent the last week trying to get my head around what the Teacher Librarian does and why they impact so positively on learning and I am really struggling - not with figuring it all out, but struggling with the depth and breadth of the role and bringing it into a succinct persuasive argument that is not 100 pages long.

I created the above Wordle by inserting Joyce Valenza's Manifesto (I changed the word 'you' with 'Teacher Librarian'} along with a few other pages of notes I had taken along the way. I like that the words information, students, reading, learning, learners are among the biggest words in the wordle, and although this is not 20 pages long, it certainly gives a feel for what the Teacher Librarian role is all about. (Click on the image to make it larger or here is the link to it - Wordle)

Below is another Wordle by RB Skerricks which has a different set of words which reflect the human side of what we do, I like both the Wordles and I think I will be using both as part of the submission I need to do.

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