Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taking a spin

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Sorry for the late blog post this week, and I am not even sure this one will be particularly inspiring or reflective either - more a plea for help....

This week I am learning about the importance of Principals and how their support and understanding of the role of the library and teacher librarians affects decisions they make that deal with staffing, budget and anything else they have control over.

This week I need to create a powerful, persuasive document pulling in all my understandings, experience, knowledge of research, job descriptions, anecdotal evidence and proof that having a teacher Librarian at every level of the IB programme throughout the school affects learning in a positive way, and, is essential for student achievement across all levels.

I need to argue why the PYP TL needs to remain in the position, and why no one else is able to do any parts of her job as effectively. I need to argue that it is not just curriculum support of information literacy and inquiry that they are involved and has expertise in - that having a knowledgeable representative in the library program is essential for the progress of all programmes across the school, that by the removal of such a position will slow the progress we have been making toward having a 21st century curriculum and 21 Century skilled students with the library being a major support. I need to argue how Teacher Librarians affect student learning in a meaningful and significant way ....

So, excuse me if I need to redirect my energy and thinking toward this aim, and not be able to share my latest learnings on this blog, but my professional life and mindset has taken on a path similar to the graphic at the top of this post.

Any helps on action, references, documents, research that can be passed my way would be appreciated, we actually do not have much strong school based evidence as the current PYP TL has only been in the job 8 weeks....

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