Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making learning Fun

Tomorrow we have a big day at school with Robyn Treyvaud, founder of Cybersafe kids from Australia. Our digital literacy co-ordinator has been co-ordinating the event with all secondary students participating in a full day of workshops on 4 different themes - 1. Managing Reputations and Relationships online, 2. To Post or not to post, 3. Being safe and secure, 4. Ethics, Plagiarism and Copyright. Robyn will also be leading a staff workshop on similar themes after school.

I am running the workshop on Ethics, Plagiarism and Copyright. This past week I have spent an inordinate amount of time creating a board game for our secondary students to play which will hopefully help them learn more about plagiarism in all its forms, copyright infringement, creative commons and fair use. It is a really dry topic, so I am hoping the students do enjoy the game and find out more about this important but quite "boring for 11- 14 yr olds" subject. We have an 80 minute slot to delve into ethics and fair play with regard to copyright. Not only will we playing the game but looking at well known plagiarism cases that have led to loss of reputation and money, as well as current cases. We will also be challenging their use of downloaded and illegal copying of digital resources. The enduring understanding is if someone creates an original work, they should be rewarded and credited for it.

These workshops will help to support some of the affective domain concepts we have embedded across the digital and information literacy curriculum, help to launch our schools new Academic Honesty policy, and to educate the teachers at the same time of what is the right thing to do.

I will post pictures of the workshop, and if the game is successful I will share it too!

Ethics image from Virginia tech Brian Tissue

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