Saturday, January 1, 2011

The way of the Dodo ...

Happy New Year to all and sundry, 2011 is a year that I know for one will hold big decisions for me, that my heart will be broken at least once due to the loss of a loved one who is currently terminally ill, and a year that will hold some more unexpected surprises - some better than others, but always surprising. I love New Years Day for this reason, it is full of newness for some new adventures.

One of the tasks I undertook on this first day of the New Year was to de-clutter my home work space, to be brutal in my flinging out of stuff I no longer needed, wanted or could find a reason to keep and, I was brutal. As I was examining things that were no longer required to be filling up space in my home I started thinking about things that I really no longer need due to having a smart phone, iPad and other digital devices, these were some of the things that I have discarded today ....

Address books - I kept one, the most recent one, just in case ... but really I don't need it, everything is on my phone.

Wall Calendars - I no longer have need of these, I love the pretty pictures they hold, so will look at how I can customise my ical to be pretty.

Paper Diaries - no longer used or needed - out they went.

Cheque Books - haven't used one in years, internet banking works for me.

Notepads - I use my iphone alot for lists and reminders - but I still couldn't bear to part with the new ones, however, I may not buy as many in the future, and use up the cute ones I have left for special notes, and reminders I need to be in my face constantly.

Business Card holders - all the information I need from business cards I have on my digital devices, maybe even business cards will disappear with the 'Bump' style apps becoming more popular.

DVD-R and CD-R's - these will eventually also go the way of the floppy disk, I need to make sure I transfer the contents I have of home movies etc onto our HUGE external hard disks.

I also threw out a bunch of printed articles I kept regarding Library stuff - I decided that whatever was in them was way too old now and I can get better stuff from what people are blogging about and online databases.

I have been thinking a lot about this extinction of everyday things recently as our HK Records store downsized by half, obviously itunes and downloading of movies and TV series from the internet has taken over some or most of their sales. Other things which I see will eventually disappear for me are :

Paper copies of magazines - being able to download and read them from my ipad works better for me.

Non fiction books in print - I really see these things disappearing sooner rather than later, except maybe for the very young ones - but what would more engaging an interactive book or a print one?

Fiction books in Print - this will happen as e-readers become more mainstream.

Christmas cards? Greeting cards? Hand written letters? Facebook and ecards seem to be taking over, setting up personal web sites and blogs is a more constant way to keep connected.

Printed Photos sitting in boxes or photo albums, or even photo frames - I love to look at my digital photo frames and the screen saver on my TV that has every digital photo randomly appear along with some nice surprises and memories.

What about board games? Families gather round the wii or xbox now in preference to the monopoly board.

A couple of things I am looking forward to going digital is those printed statements from the banks, electricity companies, water boards and any one else who wants my money - send me an email telling me how much I owe and I might just pay it sooner.

Now if dust would go digital....

What can you think of that will or has already disappeared for you?

Picture of Dodo from David


Staceyt said...

Brave,brave woman, I take one step forward, get insecure and then went and bought a paper diary for personal stuff and tax details.So one step back again.

Dianne said...

Oh no Stacey - the paper diary was the first to be dismissed about 12 months ago... I love how ical tells me what I need to be doing with the alerts I set on it. Maybe I am just too lazy for paper now ...

dilaycock said...

Hi Di. Interesting comment about the board games. We had a family discussion about this just the other day and agreed that SOME board games are making a comeback (with some changes). Monopoly for example...players don't get cash anymore, they get a credit card!

Leanne said...

Loved this post. Funnily enough I almost placed an order for Scrabble and Cluedo yesterday. Lily loves Jumbaline on the Iphone. Monopoly comes out regularly and we have Wii and PS3 to contend with. It's a whole different experience.
Diaries...I never had one to throw out but love iCal too.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

How often do you do back ups? I have had a computer die on me and now and again our internet connection disappears or is on such a slow speed it is extremely painful to use. There's also the dilemma of what reasonably light device I might take with me on holidays and how much it costs me to use the internet while away - not always ideal.