Monday, May 9, 2011

Fingers in many pies

"Fingers in many pies" Image used with permission from Nick Stephens. Found on Flickr

Today was one of those days where I was spread very thin across all the areas I am involved in the school on our student free teacher training day - let me give you a run down of what happened.

Started the day networking in the staff room before heading in to meet an appointment with the Principal to show him how to update the wiki I created for new staff, discuss our end year social event and to discuss the library budget.

It was then a whole secondary staff meeting to find out about student awards, and then a discussion about how moodle is being used across the secondary school. Down to the accounts department and partner on the social committee to discuss the big event, I then had to write emails to finalise the end of year social event and to catch up with some students doing the personal project via email.

Break time then, more networking, then it was time to show the library staff how to use Audacity and itunes to change cassette recordings into digital recordings. While they were playing and learning the process, I created a how to guide for future reference.

I had lunch at my desk while I caught up on emails from different people, then had a short staff meeting with the library staff to discuss book week events and preparations that needed to be made.

After this I had a meeting with the Digital and Information Literacy team to reflect, re-evaluate and continue to develop our across school curriculum.

Then met the MYP co-ordinator to discuss a workshop on writing bibliographies for the year 10's I developed resources for but will not be able to attend due to being in Istanbul for ECIS librarians conference. Finalised the resources for the workshop.

I then finished the work day by putting our new shipment of books into their shelf locations ready for cataloguing.

At home this evening I will need to work on an MYP Personal Project training workshop. So, across the day I managed to work on every area I am part of in the school.

A pretty busy day all round!

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