Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Asking our customers

These past few weeks have been frantic as my personal and professional life clashed in a big way. I returned from Istanbul to move house 2 days later where most of our belongings went into storage, and we took up residence in a temporary apartment. We then started renovations two days after that and then book week began - as much as I love bookweek, I certainly was glad when that it was over for this year!

One of the key components of this years action plan was to run a survey on the library services and programme across the school to make sure what we were delivering was 1. what we thought it was delivering, 2. and it was what people wanted. It was also a vehicle to allow customers to have a say in what they wanted with regard to the library services.

I used a free version of zoomerang to create the survey. I have used zoomerang for many years and really love the way it works and shows responses. As it was the free version, I had to make a different survey for each of the year levels, and another one for staff which was slightly different.

You can preview the surveys here :
Staff Survey
Students Survey

One of the key things and the hardest things about conducting a survey is figuring out what it is you want to know and how to ask questions which will give you the information you need. This year we wanted to know how the students and staff used the space, what resources they used the most, what online resources they used, and what they could see as problems and recommendations for improvements to the services.

I also wanted to gather information about the types of e-readers they may already have as we move into the digital book realm next year - a sly way of figuring out how many families have an e-reader and what format delivery is required.

I also wanted to make the survey as easy as possible to do - give ideas of what may be an answer to generate thinking, and then have opportunities for the respondents to give their own ideas.

I emailed the survey to all the students and staff with the access link for the specific questionaire and made it clear that it was their own year group that was being asked for input, and indicated that only the first 100 would be able to input their responses.

I sent the link out two days ago, and have the following responses from the year groups, Yr 10 - 31/60 students , Yr 9 -21/70 students, Yr 8 - 75/90 students, Yr 7 - 54/110 students, the secondary teaching staff - 13/ 29. I will email again to remind them all about the survey this afternoon.

The survey finishes on Monday, so next weeks post will be about analysing the results - stay tuned!


Dorothy said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the results.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing this Dianne. We should really do the same. I'm really interested to see your results.


Julie McGuirk said...

Thanks Dianne, It has given me a few ideas to think about. Julie

Kerri Cicolani said...

I like the idea of a survey to gauge patrons access to the services offered. I could see that it would make an excellent planning tool for library management.

Alison's Gap Year said...

Great surveys, Dianne. Thanks for sharing.

geoffry said...

For surveys I use Survey Prof. It has been designed for students, it is free and doesn't have the limitations the free version of zoomerang has.

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