Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The results are in ...

Last post I mentioned and shared a survey that I conducted with our secondary students. Well the results are in and you can the summary of what I found out from the students on this link to a scribd page. Survey Summary or if scribd is blocked for you you can go to the page on my wiki and look for 2011 Library Survey.

The survey report is an excerpt of the annual report, which will be shared in a few weeks. As in most surveys I do it has created more questions, and there are answers I would like more information or details about, and questions which were not quite right - all part of the evaluation process for next time.

I saved the raw data for each of the year groups in PDF format, combined all the parts using Adobe pro and printed it to give to the Executive in charge of the library. I will also include this data as an appendix to the annual report, alongside the complete database usage reports to give to the school executive and board.

We certainly received some great responses from the students about how we can improve the library experience for them and we will be able to use the data as leverage for change for issues we do not have complete control over.


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