Sunday, August 21, 2011

Planning for the new year

"Discovery College Library Plan" created using Mindcreator on the ipad. Creative Commons. Sharealike, Copy with attribution, no commercial without giving me some of the proceeds!

First week back at school always brings new challenges and a fresh look at what we plan to do. Last year we made loads of plans, and managed to completed most of the goals we set for ourselves, as well as completing a few more not planned for as the opportunity arose.

Above is the outline of our plans for the library and library programme for this academic year. (Click on it to enlarge it) I will create a more detailed written plan based on these headings with more information, dates, and specific procedures for completing the goals. These plans will then become the basis of performance management criteria for the library staff.

This planning outline goes on the wall of our workroom, and we check it about twice a month to see where we are at, what has been completed and what needs more work. The paper plan at the end of the year is a mess with comments, arrows, dates, crossings out and additions. It is also a great start to creating an annual report when you can look back on the achievements, and of course very rewarding to see what has been done in amongst the chaos. I save all the plans from each year, so when we are feeling despondent, I get them out and we see how far we have come.

Also in the next few weeks we have arranged for a personal consultation with Kevin Hennah to visit our library and hopefully give us some more ideas on how we can improve the physical environment. We will be adding some more plans to the plan!


AISB Library said...

I love the mind-mapping you do. I did one last year at the beginning of the year and showed it to my admin. at the end and it blew their minds. It's the best way to show the breadth and depth of what we do. Your plans for the year sound amazing!

Dianne said...

Thanks Sarah, the mind maps help me to stay focused through the year and give me direction. It is still flexible and sometimes we don't get to do everything. I find it extremely useful when getting data together for the annual report to have this plan to refer to as my memory can certainly grow dim in the day to day stuff that goes on. As a visual learner, I find the colours and simplicity of the mind map helps to keep me engaged in the data as well!