Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Revamping returns

This week was the unveiling of our new returns boxes.

There was a bit of story behind this - we needed to change our returns box from the old book cover, covered perspex box that was falling to bits. We had commissioned some students to make it as a labour of love in the Tech department, they took about 10 months of love to finish it.

We then had 2 white boxes that were not very good looking, and had a rough surface that would not make it easy to cover, paint or whatever. Our new library assistant is a graphic designer (employed for this reason and to focus specifically on the creative changes we needed to make.)

She was scouring the internet trying to find some images to use on the boxes that were not copyright protected. It was pretty tough, but then we found a few that were similar to this. and decided we would take our own photographs of students in the school to put on our boxes. We had them printed on Photographic sticker paper (cheap as chips and fast production in HK) and stuck them on the sides and top.

This is the result ....

The box for the secondary area....

The box for the Primary school area ...

The response has been amazing - in all cases large crowds formed to inspect the boxes as they came out of class for lunch. Some of the primary students danced around the box, the secondary students physically moved the box to get a better look. They all have responded very positively to the boxes - even the models were excited how it all came out!

Now to just get the many overdues placed in the boxes!

You will also notice on the top of both of the boxes we have our Library logo quite large and prominently stuck!

We also hung our Roald Dahl banner (9m x 1.5m) in the library while we wait for the walls to be painted ready for the vinyl designs. The photo also shows our latest shelves to have their tops removed and the collection weeded.

So a busy week all round in the redesign of the library project.

All photographs taken by Dianne McKenzie licensed under creative commons sharealike.


Trish Wade said...

The Returns Boxes look fabulous! You have inspired me to do something about our, as yet, unadorned crate. :-)
I was thinking of having some photo canvases made, but will investigate vinyl as an option. Thanks Diane.

soovee said...

Kevin Hennah is an inspiration! Your boxes look fantastic - well done for acting on your inspiration. Good luck as you keep going!

Carmel said...

Love this idea, well done! Inspiring revamping at your library.:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats practical and appealing 'returns' boxes...thks for sharing Mrs F tl