Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taking our tops off

Shelf tops that is!

Last week I needed some physical exertion so started on the process of removing the dust covers from the shelves and rearranging to include more front facing shelving.

I started with the magazines, moving these from one space to another to make room for our ever expanding senior fiction section.

Once the magazines had been moved we then took the dust covers off the shelving, and wow, what a difference! Kevin Hennah had suggested taking the dust covers off for most of our shelves, but not these ones. The books look so much better without the dust covers hiding them. We then put in some front facing shelves and moved some of the senior fiction books onto them.

The next section was the main senior fiction which was overflowing, by taking the dust covers off we were able to move the shelving up and add another row without making it look overcrowded with shelving. We now have more front facing shelves and the books are easier to see and get to.

Happy with these results I then had the photocopier moved a and a large desk moved to a different location which opens the space up more and allows the fiction to be a unbroken section.

Then it was the fiction collections turn, again we took off the dust covers, moved the shelves, put in another row and added front facing shelves.

We then moved to the junior fiction section and experimented with the shelving there and did a massive weed at the same time.

The students reactions were funny, they walked in and said we had changed stuff, but could not figure out what it was. Some exclaimed that the library looked 'shinier'. Some of the students mentioned that the library looked less messy. One student said - what happened? the library looks 'bland'(we have taken out much of the colour we had in the library in preparation for other colour and personality touches). Taking the dust covers off certainly allowed the light onto the books, and opened the library up while at the same time allowing the books to sell themselves better.

The dustcovers also did not keep the dust off the shelves and books - the shelves were filthy!

I am now a convert - no more dust covers in our library. I am going to remove them all. I will have to slow down now though as I have run out of extra and front facing shelves until i order some more.

See below for some of the before and after pics ... (click on them to see a larger size)


Trish said...

You've inspired me! I'm planning to have more front-facing shelves.

Go Girl said...

Yay for you, I also did this in our school library last year, and what a difference, the books were no longer in shadow cast from above and it looked open, welcoming and much more browsable - inviting one could say!

art275 said...

Great progress Diane! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!
Converted me too! Front facing picture books looks wonderful! Can't wait to get slatwall!

Anne Weaver said...

Looks great!

Library Quine said...

It has made such a difference! Do you have a photo of the after for your magazines. This is something that we are thinking of doing at our public library. We have no windows, so you can imagine that light really is at a premium!