Saturday, October 29, 2011

Need an excuse to come to Hong Kong?

Then attend...

21C Learning Conference will be held Thursday 16 Feb to Saturday 18 February 2012 and they have called for submission of presentations. See here for information.

The theme is “Leading and Learning in Digital Schools

I am helping to co-ordinate the library and information literacy strand as I did last year. It is great advocacy to have a strand like this inside a grassroots based digital conference that covers the full spectrum of school education and educators, and, although it was the first year for the strand last year, it was quite a strong strand with many people sharing so many different experiences.

Conferences are for inspiring ideas in others as well as sharing. We do amazing things in our every day work and play times that other people should know about.

Not to take away from what people offer at conferences, we as a profession do need to move slightly away from showing as many of the great resources we use and find in quick succession. This should be a given. We find resources, we share them and other people go "Wow, that is great". Then they ask - "but how can I use them"? I don't know about you, but if I am shown a resource and then have a discussion how it could be used, I am on fire with ideas. Allowing people time to think, discuss and ruminate is imperative for them to learn.

Look at the theme of the workshop - leading and learning - if that isn't custom made for the Library and Information Literacy strand then what is?

What else can school librarians offer in a digitally focused conference that might appeal to more than our cohort? I had a slight brainstorm and came up with the following possibilities to think about...

What are you doing in your every day practice that you could share to keep organised and manage everything?
How are you using ipads in the library or even across the school?
How are you adopting e-readers and e-books?
How are you working with and supporting teachers beyond resourcing?
What excellent tool or app have you used to great success to promote reading?
How are you best using databases?
How do you use the OPAC to help connect students with your resources?
What about your library website, what has worked well?
How have you organised to be part of the digital team at your school?
Do you use twitter? Diigo? Google reader MS word citation tool? Easy Bib? Noodletools? Can you share what you do with them?
Have you looked at the 21st century Librarians manifesto? How are you doing? Can you share your journey? 21st Century Librarians manifesto
What about copyright, creative commons and fair use?
Do you use AR in your school - how and why? and what are the benefits...
How are you promoting second language learning through your library and digital means?
How are you learning yourself through digital means?
How are you using youtube? Are you making video tutorials for your students or finding ones that have already been done?
Have you delved into virtual worlds or learning?
Integrating the creation of book trailers into the curriculum
Your involvement in staff learning - how do you reach other people in your school, how do you break down the walls?
QR code use? Success and failures.
Do you do digital gaming in the library /school? How was it set up?
Do you use social media in the library / school? How? Why?

Judy O'Connell has more suggestions that might prompt some thoughts Hey Jude blog

These are just some ideas - can you think of others?

If you are needing an excuse to come to Hong Kong for a few days and would like to share your experiences of leading and learning, please visit the the conference page.

Registration will open on November 15th at the same link for people who are not presenting.

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