Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Cheer thru Upcycling

It is Christmas, we needed decorations for the library that did not cost much and something the students could do without much mess. Voila! Christmas trees from no longer needed magazines and book club catalogues. Here are a few of the earlier models, our trees have since grown in number and have collected gold dust and tinsel to make the library look very festive. They were all done by the students who had a ball making these at lunchtime. We found the best results came from Geo Kids magazine, and the book catalogues as they had the most colourful printing.

Instructions are here on a new site I have recently discovered Instructables The inspiration came from a nieces handiwork I saw last year - thanks Morgan!

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librarylady said...

This is such a great and cute idea. I have used outdated issues of magazines and such for various art activities; but this is a fun way to really put recycling on display in the library. Providing pictures of how they look in your library is helpful as well.