Sunday, February 19, 2012

Library loving the staff

Last week we celebrated Library Lovers day at the school with a whole staff event in the library on Valentines Day.

About 2 weeks before the date we started to prepare. We created books marks for all the staff found on the ALIA Library Lovers page. We chose a book from our collection for every one of the 140 staff members at school. We divided the staff members into Secondary & the Executive, Primary, Educational Assistants and Support Staff so each member of the library team had a particular group to choose for.

For the secondary staff my goal was to dedicate a book from the Non Fiction section that would be of interest to them either because it was a personal interest, or it related to their subject area to highlight a resource they may not have seen before. The primary teachers and educational assistants were each dedicated a picture book, the support staff were dedicated a book based on their interest or area of expertise.

We wrote the titles of their book on their bookmark, we then placed a dedication sticker in the book. On the Monday a week before we placed rolled paper invitations for morning tea on the 14th February. The Friday before we sent an email letting the staff know what is going on with the Library dedication morning tea.

On the 13th of February we placed their bookmark in their letter trays then on the 14th February we hosted morning tea in the library with chocolates and strawberries.

We had all the dedicated books on display and the staff came in with their bookmark to find their book. There was a lovely buzz in the library as they tried to find their book and then share their find with their friends.Many borrowed their books to read, others had a good laugh and left it behind.

It was a great idea from our Primary TL, it took a lot of work but it was so worth it for staff morale, to get the entire staff together and the support staff were so excited to be included. It also lifted the profile of the library, our services and our resources.


Neil Ringrose said...

Looks wonderful!
Well done! and some familiar faces there as well....

librarylady said...

I really liked the idea of this type of event for teachers and staff. This was very motivating and I cannot wait to try something similar for those in my building. This could really get the entire community involved in showing our teachers how much they are appreciated.