Monday, February 27, 2012

The many hats I wear

I once read somewhere that to make yourself indispensible you should do the jobs that no one else wants to do. (I think I will blame that quote on Doug Johnson in one of his many articles or books on becoming indispensible...) Well, I think I have taken on more than I can chew effectively, more hats that I can wear effectively, more balls than I can juggle without dropping and any other metaphors or similes that conjour up a person not quite under control of their senses because I took on something that no one else wanted to do.

The graphic above is a small indicator of the very large hats I am trying to wear at the same time, and it has become quite apparent to me that I only have one head and, to do any of these jobs effectively I need to completely remove one hat to put on another.

The MYP Personal Project is a very large long term project which is quite a challenge to not only run, but an even bigger challenge to set it up in a school for the first time. There are standards to master, documents to create, students to motivate, staff to train, parents to satisfy, and events to organise and even then there is moderation, reflection and evaluation of the whole program. I am trying to do it alongside my other jobs of Head of Library and MYP Teacher librarian. I am afraid the MYP teacher librarian hat has been cast aside, the Social Committee chair hat is hidden, and the Head of Library hat is barely within reach at the top of the cupboard as I work up to the last 3 weeks of this years MYP Personal Project and the exhibition.

Has it been worth the extra stress?

I have lost sleep, weekends and run out of photocopy money, the library is not being run as I would like it to be right now and I am rarely working with classes, BUT...

I have learned some more about diplomacy, have learned so much about the MYP, I have got to know all of the students so well and even by the end of it they ALL handed their projects in on time without me having to chase them (that in itself is an achievement). I have also learned about the massive holes in their information & digital literacy skills through working with them closely. I have had the opportunity to work with many staff on a different level.

I believe the year 11 students see me a little differently now, they are coming to me to ask questions more. The staff have seen me out of my normal role, I have earned a different respect from the school executive.

I think it has been worth it, but having said that I am also looking forward to stepping down from the role in 3 weeks, planning a few lessons, curling up with a few publishers catalogues and wearing my real hats.

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Staceyt said...

Congratulations Dianne, having been closely involved in the MYP PP you have my undying respect and admiration. I'm sure the pain is worth it for the benefits of changing perceptions within the school. The MYP is a gift to TL's everywhere and embracing it is the only way to go.