Saturday, April 28, 2012

Book Week Success!

The Library Team "Where the wild things are"

This last week was Book Week at our school with the theme READiscover -
READiscover your favourite character or story,
READiscovery something you were interested in
READiscover the library,
READiscover reading

It was also a bit of a play on words as our school is called 'Discovery College'

The activities we ran over the week were :

1. School wide Moo Card souvenirs and identification competition. (with QR codes leading to a hints page)
2. The very first School wide DC Book awards
3. A Biligual Bazaar reading (primary)
4. School wide read aloud session
5. School wide book swap
6. QR code Quest (secondary)
7. A Lit Trivia competition (Year 9)
8. School wide Book Character parade
9. Animoto video trailer promoting the the week and then another highlighting the events of the week.
(we did not have any author visits as we had a few through the year)

Ready for the book swap

Book swapping

This years Bookweek Moo cards.

Moo card identification collaboration
Slatwall highlighting the Dystopian fiction.

The slatwall at the Library entrance is the
centre of attention for the DC Book awards

Our new panels behind the library desk
The school assembling for the character parade
Little Red riding hood and
Snow White

The Paperbag Princess

Robin Hood and Alice

The Head of Library as a Wild Thing

We had also been leading up to book week by making a few changes to the library with the installation of slatwall display walls and we changed our panels behind the circulation desk. We had also just received a large order of new books.

Book Week consists of a lot of work in the thinking, planning and preparations for a successful event. When planning we needed to be mindful of age appropriateness, if we were asking too much of the school & library staff, planning events that had a minimal impact on the curriculum time, especially in the secondary school and effective communication between staff and with students.

We only have 2 school wide weeks of the year fully dedicated to a theme - one is Arts Fest in March, the other is Book Week at the end of April, so for us as the library team it is a real opportunity to shine. Our objectives of Book Week are to increase the profile of the Library, the promotion of reading and generally to have some fun with books and reading as the central theme.

This was our 4th Book Week at the school, and we had some fantastic feedback on the event. Our character parade had the most participants ever, especially within the secondary school and teachers. Nearly all students participated in at least one event through the week. We piqued interest in QR codes amongst the staff as there was a QR on the back of the Moo Cards, many staff now have an app downloaded on their phone and are QR decoding everything they see!

Next year the goal is to have every member of staff dressed as a book character and to create a secondary student working group to help plan book week for the secondary students. The school executive also want to take on more cross school activities - secondary students working with primary students on events. So we have some thinking to do to devise new plans.

The library is looking fabulous with our new additions and we will end the year on a high note, ready to blast into the new year with even more ways to promote reading.

The link to find the Wild Things masks is here Sparklebox.

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