Monday, April 9, 2012

The heavy Digital age.

Image from MIGsjet under creative commons share with attribution licensing.

This post is a bit of a whimsy as I sit waiting to board a flight to Korea. I am heading off to an international school to run two days of workshops on Understanding Copyright, Creative Commons, Fair Use and Public Domain.

As I was walking to the gate I was thinking on how much 'stuff' I have that I take with me when I travel now that did not used to be part of my travelling armour.

20 years ago I used to travel with my passport, paper ticket, paper hotel confirmation slips, camera, spare film and a book. Less than one kilo, or two pounds in weight.

I now travel with a mobile phone (also backs up as a camera if required), a camera (no film but interchangeable lenses), an ipad (to check online stuff, download photo's from camera, present e tickets & hotel confirmations, - iPad 1 so no camera), my Kobo to read from, and because I am running this workshop, I also have a Macbook with the required files & presentations on it.

This is in my carry on. In my check in I have the chargers for all these items, the adapters I will need plus the vga adapter for the laptop.

I must be carrying an extra 4kgs in weight (abt 8lbs) than I did 20 years ago. I thought digital was supposed to simplify life ....

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