Saturday, August 25, 2012

New year : New plans

We are about to head into the 3rd week of our new school year. The past 2 weeks have been manic with spending the rest of last years budget, (orders that were not delivered, but we would lose the money if it wasn't spent), renewing databases and magazine subs with this years budget, touching base with different departments, meeting new staff (20 new staff in the secondary school), investigating new programes we want to adopt or have been suggested, working with students, controlling & educating large crowds at lunch time (highest number was 180 in one lunch time), finishing last years annual report (very late!)  and planning for the new year!

So I share with you our plan for 2012-13 above -( click on it to make it larger). This is something that keeps us moving forward, and at the end of the end it allows us to see what we have managed to achieve (a great help when writing the annual report). It also helps to create our performance management goals based on what we want to achieve and learn through the year. We also send this to our admin so they have a clue about we will be focusing on through the year (it sometimes knocks their socks off!). It is very brief outline and we have more explanations for each of the items if you ask us, and some things are just ideas that we want to explore further with some more thinking. We place it on the wall in our workroom so we are constantly reminded of projects that need work or thinking.

We used last years plan (here) to create this years plan - building on what we had finished, and what needed more work from the previous plan. The entire team was involved in the creation. It has been an interesting experience looking back over previous plans and see how the plan has evolved from housekeeping type things to more programme and student oriented plans. This is just the nature of a maturing school and library.

This plan was created using the mind creator app for the ipad.

Do you make a plan for the whole year? How does it help you?


Staceyt said...

I like to make a plan for the year but we tend to do this at the end of the year before the sun and surf take it's toll. We usually write goals as our guide.

Dianne said...

Hi Stacey,
We do a brainstorm at the end of the academic year and do a draft plan, then when we are refreshed and ready to start new challenges we think about what is really possible and create the plan I have shared.

After a holiday, sometimes we are more refreshed with a bit more enthusiasm!