Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cataloguing Help

This past week I had the pleasure to finally talk by phone to The Styling Librarian  who has recently moved to Hong Kong to take up a new job here. One of the difficulties of moving to a new school, particularly in a new country is that somethings may not quite be the same. One of the things an international Teacher / School Librarian has to contend with is resources that come from all over the world and which may not have records created by the big marc record producing factories such as Follett (USA) and SCIS in Australia. 

This leads to a serious shortage of whole records to import, leading to a serious pile of resources that may need to be copy or manually catalogued. In many cases we need to go to the OCLC, other libraries records or worldcat to mine the information we need such as dewey numbers and subject headings. This all takes a serious amount of time.

Some years ago I was introduced to by Katie Day in Singapore, and this week I was able to pay it forward by introducing it to Debbie aka the Styling Librarian. Chopac has improved markedly over the years and now has some great functions such as being able to download marc records for video as well as books, from different countries and different languages. This is great for those international books we need in the collection that we find so hard to catalogue.

After I introduced it to Debbie I thought that others may also benefit from this amazing FREE resource that reduces time spent original cataloguing. So I created a screenr tutorial which goes through the basics.

For more information on cataloguing tools see this comprehensive guide on Library School

I also did a previous post on Short Cut cataloguing

So, if you are interested in using the nifty tool of chopac have a look at this quick tutorial.

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