Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pot pourri of postings

This posting will be a mixture of various things that have all piled up ready to share, but so I can move on to new things, I need to share them all together rather than one at a time!

New Look drop boxes!

We needed some new stickers for our drop boxes as the last years stickers were looking a bit worse for wear. This was a challenge as both the PYP TL & myself needed to have a go at Photoshop - something we both wanted to dabble in, but had no clue where to start. We put out a call to other staff members for someone who could help us learn (not do the job - but to teach us how to do the job). This resulted in an expert coming forward to help us for about 2 hours to show us the basics, and let us go for it and we were pretty chuffed with the results! Authentic learning is always the best. (click on the pic to get a better look)

Annual Report 
For some reason this took ages to complete this year, and I had to work on it over the holidays and into the new school year. It was finally finished at the end of August and shared with the school executive and also on the library Facebook page. I learned how to use a few new tools in the creation - one was piktochart to create infographics. This is an easy to use, intuitive tool to make your data accessible. Have a look at this Pinterest page to see the possibilities.

The annual report can be viewed at Issuu or on the Library Grits Wiki in PDF.

Reasons for spending all the time on an annual report are in a previous post  here.
Previous Annual reports - 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011.

More welcome work 

Last week we had a staff meeting on creating  a culture of collaboration in planning, teaching and assessment across the curriculum. One of the sessions included one of our music teachers describing one of the units he taught on Reggae Music where he collaborated with the learning support teachers to help with differentiation, the MYP co-ordinator to tweak the MYP requirements and also included me to help co teach for the research phase in the classroom.  He described how each one of these collaborations helped to improve his unit and to enhance the learning.  His words about our specific collaboration was along the lines of 'if you have not worked with Di yet, you need to. She is fantastic to work with - she helped break down the main ideas to make it more manageable, helped create higher level learning activities,  helped the students find what they were looking for and make sense of it according to the requirements, and she taught me how to access some brilliant resources, so now I am more confident in teaching the students how to access these online tools."

Wow! What an unsolicited rap! This was the most effective promotion I have ever had - I am now overwhelmed with requests for collaborative planning and teaching. 

Have others sing your praises - far more effective than anything you could do for yourself.

Student Library Team

Over the past few weeks I have been working out the logistics of starting up our Secondary Student Library Team. This is a MYP/DP CAS & C&S Community action group which will operate all year. Creating something sustainable with authentic leadership positions, defining the role and parameters of such a group has required a bit of brain power, however, I think we have something manageable to start with. We had leadership elections with the 32 students who want to be part of this new service group in the school and have a person to fill each role. Next posting I will explain in more detail how things have been evolving.

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