Thursday, October 4, 2012

Students taking the lead

Over the past few months I have been investigating how to involve students more in the library program and allowing them to take ownership of the space within parameters. After much thought I devised a plan which I think is working well so far.

Being an IB school we have a component called Community & Service in the Middle Years program and Creativity, Action & Service for the Diploma Program which are both essential parts of the curriculum to receive the certificate and diploma. They need to show they have been involved in some form of service

I put out the call for students to volunteer to be part of the team and we had 32 students express interest. I then posted to them the format of the group where we had a number of offices to be filled (see below).  Those who were standing for the  offices gave a short speech outlining why they would be good in the position. We had an election using esurvey pro and the winners were announced thenext day. Some positions only had one nomination, others were empty at the end of the election, so a few of those who did not get elected in to their first position, had an opportunity to take up another leadership post.

In the 3 weeks since the elections, our Library Function co-ordinator has organised a team of workers for every break time to help with some of the everyday jobs that need doing - such as shelving, covering, tagging, circulation even cataloguing. This has been great for our staff as they had felt the workload increase dramatically with 200 new students in the school. She has organised google doc schedules and a duty reporting sheet, so that the students are in charge of their own logging of time. They all have to fulfill 30 minutes of work a week for the library unless exempted due to their position takes up more than 30 minutes a week.

The President, Vice President and secretary have been meeting to create some smart goals and a vision of they expect to achive as a group over the next 12 months, the display co-ordinator has been creating signage we requested and is now planning the Halloween display.

The reading promoter will be working on students entering book reviews onto the LMS and promoting the new ebook platforms we have.

One of the year 12 students had only volunteered to come in twice a week, but has been coming in every lunch time as she is enjoying her job so much. She is identifying the series we have in the catalogue and placing the appropriate numbers on the spine.

So we are off to a great start with all the students working hard to fulfill their roles, some may need a little encouragement and guidance, but I am so far happy with the progress of our fledgling group. Each day we find more challenging and interesting projects for them to do as they grow in confidence and skills.

As a treat I have given this group of students first opportunity to test our new Ebook borrowing facility for a few weeks.

The Offices of the little group....

President : Role :
  • Preside over Secondary Student Library Team (SSLT) committee meetings and keep meetings to task & on time.
  • Meet with Head of Library to discuss team activities.
  • Attend scheduled meetings with other sub groups.
  • Speak at assemblies
  • Where applicable, assign tasks to group members & create sub groups where there is a need.
  • Have an overall understanding of what is happening in the group and how it is  working toward the smart goals.
  • Keep committee members on task and encourage those who are neglecting responsibilities

Vice President
     Role :
  • Shares responsibilities with the president where required
  • Assumes duties of the president in his/her absence
  • Takes attendance when the group meets
    Keep committee members on task and encourage those who are neglecting responsibilities
  • May oversee sub groups & ensure they are working as required.
  • Take committee meeting minutes
  • Prepare and distribute meeting agendas
  • Draft all letters and proposals on behalf of the group
  • Conduct and keep on file all correspondence of the groupEnsure the minutes and written memos from all sub groups are filed as required. (google docs?)
Library Function Co-ordinator - (can lead a small team)
  • Organise the roster for all team memebers  30 minutes a week.
  • Organise & collate the the time sheets
  • Co-ordinate the jobs that need doing with the Library staff
  • Allocate jobs & projects to the student helpers.
  • Ensure the jobs are completed to the required standard.
  • Participate in training helpers.
  • Oversee the jobs : - covering, stamping, labelling, circulation, cleaning up after lunch times & after school, shelving, student ambassadors, purchasing etc.
Publicity Co-ordinator - leads a small team
  • To publicise what is happening in the secondary library - bulletin, facebook, back of toilet doors, wherever it works. Works with all the groups.

Community Activity Co-ordinator - leads a small team
Role :
  • To co-ordinate all the activities that the Secondary Student Library Team is participating in  - displays, book week, promotion, etc.
  • Works closely with the reading promotion co-ordinator, the book week co-ordinator & the display co-ordinator.
  • Meet with the Head of Library regularly to discuss plans and actions.
  • Plans & executes special events you might want in the library

Reading promotion co-ordinator - Leads a small Team
  • With a small group plan & run activities, programmes to encourage secondary students to read. (book clubs etc)
  • Works with the Activity Co-ordinator , display co-ordinator, book week co-ordinator.

Display Co-ordinator
- leads a small team
  • Co-ordinate and plan the displays for the library notice boards and special events / days with a
  • team.
  • Works with the Activity Co-ordinator, reading promotion & book week co-ordinator
  • Ensure the book displays are current, relevent and changed (& reshelved) where appropriate.

Book Week co-ordinator
- leads a small team
  • Plan with a team and execute the Book Week activities for secondary (Book week is April 22-26 - planning needs to begin about December)

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