Saturday, January 12, 2013

Copyright Cred

I am an educator, I am not a police officer. I have responsibility to educate rather than police rules.
Academic honesty is one of those areas where many feel the need to be police officers. Yes there are rules, yes there are reasons behind the rules, but as with anything, if there is an understanding of why the rules are important, then there is more willingness to comply.

I have been interested in copyright for a while & I have researched the topic to understand the rules better. I know the rules pretty well. There are many of them. They are complicated, and sometimes one sided & unfair, however, they are the rules we have and should be complied with. These rules are all about consideration for the creators times and talents.

In my role as a teacher librarian I have the pleasure of educating people about the rules about being Academically honest. Bibliographies, in text citations, anti piracy, etc etc all come under this mandate.

We are working with children, who are told to share from the time they start playing, then are told - well, you can't share this without playing by the rules of sharing this type of resources. As part of the role of educator, I try to help the students understand that we can share, and that when we share we need to be considerate of the creator.

The golden rule "Cite unto others as you would like to be cited".

Our students are creators more than they have ever been before. They have authentic audiences and are creating some fantastic stuff. They are not just consumers of intellectual property, they are also creators. We need to include them as creators in our academic honesty education. When it becomes personal, it is learned and understood.

I created the short, colourful poster below to help students understand why it is we need to cite other peoples work, breaking it down into 4 basics about intellectual property. By making it snappy, easy to read & comprehend, the message is easy to digest. I share it with you on the understanding that you too will respect my time & talents in the creation. You are free to use as required with attribution under the CC license on the poster, click on it to enlarge it.

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