Sunday, April 28, 2013

Book Week digital fun!

The library team dressed as animals from the Jungle book.

We have just completed book week and it was again a highly successful week in so many ways. After 5 years of working on it, the book character parade had about 80% participation from the whole school community, with many parents coming to watch and celebrate reading. There were some fabulous costumes with an increase in team dress ups - it was a lot of fun.

Book week is a week that requires many hours of planning, collaboration and creating. We have both primary and secondary students to cater for, so we try to have a few different events planned for them to cater for their different needs. We used a number of digital tools this year to reach our audience and encourage participation.

In the lead up to book week we created an Animoto (and embedded below) with our school staff hiding behind a book which was shown at assemblies and home rooms. These pictures were also used in a competition where students had to guess the staff hiding, we had an online answer form and a paper one - the paper was more popular as they could look at the boards and discuss the pictures.

The music is Julian Smith "I'm reading a book". You can watch the video and buy the music from the link. Brilliant! This man has so many excellent songs about fun things.

We developed a website through Google sites,  which gave access to the list of events, and was a portal to some of the competitions such as the Moo Card treasure hunt. We also had a link to the site through our school moodle page which the students need to access every day.

We started a Dragon Book award last year, where students vote for their favourite read. This year we created a Google form to collect nominations for their best reads for the past 12 months. After the closing date,  a poll was created on Moodle for both primary & secondary for the voting to take place.

In the secondary daily bulletin we ran a home room literature quiz where three questions a day were posted. The class who all correct answers first for that day were the winners of that day - working toward an overall winner for the week.

One of the students devised a QR code treasure hunt and was on hand to teach students how to download and use a QR code reader. (Incidentally, he was the winner of the QR code competition in the past 2 years). And another student devised an OPAC treasure hunt.

Not everything was digital. We had read aloud days, mother tongue story time, book swaps and the competitions on boards for students to participate during their lunchtimes. overall it was a good mix of digital and non digital with much excitement prevailing!

The excitement before the parade

The Star trek Team - (part of our leadership team)

The best costume of the day - Cruella (she had about 50 Dalmations) and myself as a vulture from the Jungle book.
Guessing the staff behind the books

The business of the primary book swap.


Glenn and Emily said...

Please can you tell me where you got the Star Trek costumes from - I would like to have one of the female ones....

Glenn and Emily said...

By the way, your blog is great. Some fantastic ideas for Book Week.
Thank you.