Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sharing the light ....

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At the beginning of April I learned it was School Library Month through a posting on twitter by Library Girl and a link to her blog about what she had done to link the days of the month of April to a service that school Libraries offer.

Library Girl had used an image of a calendar, then used Thinglink to create an interactive image to link to resources that describe the types of services that School Libraries offer. It was a great idea and a great resource. I love it.  Taking that idea a little further, I took the idea of highlighting a service for every day to personalise the month of April by posting a different service we offer on our Library Facebook status once a day. You can see what we have posted so far on our Facebook page.

We have missed a few days, but we have been able to be consistent with our postings. It has been an interesting exercise to select a service and to be able to describe it in a few words then to back it up with pictures and links where appropriate. I am sure we will be able to find 30 services we offer with no problem.

Many of our Facebook community are parents and teachers with some secondary students. The feedback from doing this has been very positive with many mentioning how they are learning more about what the school library does behind the scenes and what they can utilise. Fulfilling all objectives!

One of our feed recipients is Tanja Galetti who posted to twitter today that she will be highlighting a something she offers in her library everyday for the next 14 days on her school library blog after being inspired by Discovery College Libraries highlights. 

It is fantastic how social media has allowed us to learn from each other and to be inspired by each other to reach out to our own communities in different ways. How can you not have time for twitter or reading blogs when there is so much being shared? Are you doing simple things to improve your school library over April? Do consider sharing through a blog or twitter. Share the light ....

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