Sunday, June 30, 2013

Packed up and shipped out

Picture from Morgue Files
My role at Discovery College has ended. It has been one of the most professionally challenging roles along with the most rewarding I have had. Ever. This post is all about me and my reflections.

I took on the challenge of setting a K-13library up from an empty shell, but was not one of the original decision makers with regard to plans, furniture, shelving, staffing or even the collection due to timing of employment. Taking this on, with other peoples decsions which were not aligned with my own, or in some cases were not aligned based on any practical knowledge of a working knowldege of libraries was a challenge in itself, and once money has been spent, it is really difficult to be changed. So we worked with what we had and modified what we could to create something over five years that was constantly evolving but always with the end user in mind.

It is the first time that I leave a job where I have invested so much of me into it - almost the entire collection (after the original seed collection) I chose, the organisation and systems created for smooth operations we devised as a team, the look and feel of library had my stamp on it and the energy and time I invested to meet and greet, work with the school community to make it truly a place of interaction, collaboration, pleasure and the centre of the school.

One interesting theme that has come up about me from those who have wished me well on my next chapter have all said that I shifted the perception of what a school librarian's role was. For the person who gave my farewell speech I "completely reshaped his thinking of what a library is, and how sophisticated the role of teacher librarian can be." If that is my achievement, then that is mission accomplished.

I am on holidays now and still have things to complete - the annual report for one, untangling myself from email communication in the old school, and specific log in's for specialised apps that were made for our library, but that will take just a day of focus and then I will be done.

 I have mixed feelings about leaving of course, but already I am looking forward to the next chapter where I won't be in charge of the actual library and all the politics that goes with that role, but will be able to set up new relationships and new programs in the Middle Years Program at Renaissance College, still in Hong Kong. After 5 weeks of holidays, I hope I will be ready!

Photo by Dianne McKenzie


Katy Manck, MLS said...

Best of luck in your new endeavor!
Will we see you at IASL in Bali, Aug. 26-30? Registration is still open...

Unknown said...

Wishing you the best on your new ventures @ Renaissance. Hope you can relax and rejuvenate during your break.

Kate Reid said...

All the best with your new chapter!