Monday, July 15, 2013

Authentic Asian authors and stories

Map of Asia from Lonely Planet Maps

It is an exciting time in Asia as new authors are breaking through and they are being loved for their own style and stories rather than the traditional "victim of oppression" stories written in the popular style that have been the norm until recently. Asia, stretching from the middle east to the far eastern reaches of Japan, north to Kazakhstan and to southern tip of Indonesia is full of so many different cultures, people and stories. It is such an exciting place to read about and to see this change in literature. Below is a list of places you can find authentic literature for young people written by authors from this region or stories set in this region, some of which have been translated from the original language. Include some new authentic Asian literature in your collection next year!

Are there other lists you know about?

(This information was original posted to OZTL_NET listerve by Dianne McKenzie in 2010, links have been checked as of 15 July 2013 - please refresh the page if the links are dead ... )

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