Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Appy life

I haven't started school yet, so this post is about how I use apps in my everyday life.

Like many people I have a smart phone and more and more I am finding myself turning to an app to simplify, record and motivate me in my everyday life. This post is about the apps I use on a daily basis and others I have used to help me reach a goal.

Apps I use daily

To track myfitness activity and progress I chose Run keeper. This app tracks where I go, how far I go, how fast I go and linked with a Wahoo heart Rate monitor I can see how hard I worked. Runkeeper also keeps track of weight loss, goals set, friends progress, distance travelled and my progress for various activities. 

My fitness pal is also a favourite to record my daily intake of not only calories, but also salt and nutrients. This app has a vast range of food in its database that makes recording this sort of thing easy. With the scanning feature, you can check food before you eat it or buy it. A great tool to keep one on track to a healthy lifestyle

If I carry my phone with me, pacer will track my everyday steps and tell me how far I have walked in the day doing just my normal things. 

Sleepcycle keeps tracks of my sleep, measuring the depth and length of good sleep then rates it as a percentage of a good nights sleep. It works by measuring how much you move during sleep.

I use Mtracker to record our household spending and income to make sure we are staying on track for our goals.

These apps help me dress accordingly in the morning, help me pack for my travels.

HK Observatory ICWeatherOS app 
Keeps me informed of weather alerts in HK, which is very important for safety's sake.

Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp, google plus, linkedin.
To keep in touch with friends and family.

Camera, Instagram & photo editing apps - camera +, quick straight, timerCam, color effects, Colorfree, 
As a keen photographer being able to take photos on the go and then sharing them immediately is just so fun!

Twitter / Hootsuite / Flipboard
My daily shot of professional learning 

Instant news to keep me in the loop of what is happening in HK or listening to the radio on the go. Using Tunein I can also listen to radio stations in any part of the world

An excellent app that allows me to keep a list, share a list with co-workers, tick off the list, then it keeps the list of what I have accomplished already and sends me alerts if I set them up.

I have lots of notes for different things. It is my quick way to keep a record of my thinking for things I don't want to forget, or am preparing for.

Clock & Calendar 
My life would be a mess without these apps!

For reading books on the ipad mini, which I am preferring more and more.

Used for reading and annotating my PDF's and magazines and manuals.

A couple of times a week

A little while ago I had a health issue and needed to monitor my health, lose weight and get fit so I purchased a Withings blood pressure monitor that plugs into my iphone, then using the Withings app it reads my blood pressure, automatically keeping a record so I can see the progress and show my doctor the readings over a long period of time. This app also keeps a record of weight loss, activity and sleep - linking to another app.

Maps and google maps
I use these apps often to figure out the best way to get somewhere. 

What fun to watch the planes move around Hong Kong from our rooftop view point and get the detailed information on each flight - warning - this app is addictive.

Banking apps 
Banking has been made so easy now with mobile apps, I love the convenience these apps offer.

HK translator for taxi's.
This is a fabulous tool for those who do not speak or write cantonese and need to get around.

What great song is that playing?

to keep in touch with people from all over the world

Bibliographies on the go - no excuse for not taking the reference details - when using the camera to scan, it is a very quick and useful tool.

i-nigma turns my camera into a sophisticated barcode reader.

Every now and then but still worthy
A great tool to take notes in meetings while recording the voice or sounds that accompany, then book mark the sound using a written annotation of a word or drawing. Great for revising & revisiting conference talks.

Apps I want to use more ....

Apps are a big part of what I do on a daily basis now, a small research was conducted where 200 people were asked to not access their apps for 4 days, have a look at the results here

What apps do you use daily? What apps couldn't you live without for 4 days?

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Dx4 Blog Update said...

Love this list Dianne! For me, similar to yours but my most frequently used ones are all about the audiobooks-OverDrive and Audible. Taxi Hong Kong is an almost daily use... Dots is a dangerous game I play when I'm stuck and not able to concentrate on the audiobook... My new favorite is Pic Stitch. So fun to create the collages with it. Happy "appy" time!
-Debbie :)